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CIDB Holdings (CIDBH) always endeavors to improve its quality of service and service delivery to its clients. The BLINK CIDBH system is a registration platform that allows clients to view, access and register for programs, and also make online payments.


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Who We Are

CIDB Holdings (CIDBH) Training Unit has been considered the best professional training provider in Malaysia since 1997 . We provide individuals and organizations with the knowledge and information to close the skill gaps within organizations through the upskilling and reskilling of individual and groups of employees

(Ongoing learning enables individuals to continuously enhance their professional and personal development, thus increasing their value in their organizations. The CIDBH Training Unit has proven credibility as a provider of professional development and management education that positively impacts performance and provides long term improvements for both individuals and organizations



Our policy is to ensure the delivery of the highest standards in training to our clients. We fully comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 relating to our systems and processes to ensure the best outcomes.

Program Category


CIDB Holdings Sdn Bhd is welcoming all relevant industry players to register and join our seminars/ Realtalk/ BizTalk program this year!

Facility Management (FM)

Facility Management encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. What do a Facility Manager do? How relevant FM in the construction industry chain?

Oil & Gas (O&G)

Moving in 2022, CIDBH are now open for Training courses under the Oil & Gas section. We provide practical/ theoretical trainings such as Safety, Health & Environment, Welding, and various others that related.

Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)

The Quality, Safety, Security Health & Environment Programme (QSHE) promotes awareness on the importance of having a safe and healthy working culture in the construction industry. Apart from producing competent personnel required by law such as Safety & Health Officers (SHO), Safety Site Supervisors (SSS) and Traffic Management Officers (TMO) various safety & health related courses are also offered for the benefits of the construction industry.


Construction industry are all about the 4D’s (Dirty, Dangerous, Difficult & Deadly). When it comes to that, a serious expertise, competencies and regulations should be implemented. How can we elevate the level of construction competencies in Malaysia?

Finance & Management (FN)

Key administrative functions that underpin the operational success and financial viability of the Organization, including: Legal, Finance, Program Performance and Budget, Contract and Procurement, Knowledge and Records Management and etc

Leadership (LD)

When it comes to leadership, there are so many terms and criteria expected to be injected. Leadership is not just limited to a person with good rapports, strong personality, or having good work ethics. Leadership is more than having good grades with competent skill sets. Its all about balancing the needs from the job, and the ability to have the job done in the right ways.

Project Management (PM)

Project management is the planning, scheduling, and controlling of project activities to meet project objectives. The major objectives that must be met include performance, cost, and time goals, while at the same time you control or maintain the scope of the project at the correct level.


When industry is on the boom, everybody is eager to perform best services and products. How can the industry help those players that has been affected by the pandemic? How can we live the industry during the endemic phase?

Information & Technology (IT)

Moving forward from the COVID -19 situation, all industries are much in need of knowledge and skills in Internet of Things (IoT). Can we be more adaptable in the situation that are frontward faster than we are able to cope with?

Quality Assurance (QA)

Ensuring the industry to give the best quality in terms of services and materials, CIDBH provide a platform for all the industry players to learn and know more what type of Quality Assurance (QA) programme provided in Malaysia

Construction Technical Program (CTP)

CIDBH has been in the industry as the training provided for supervisory and managerial programs for more than two (2) decades in Malaysia. As well as the expertise services needed by industry in Malaysia that includes special programs abroad that need specialization of competencies. With various programs from basic awareness to competencies, we have it here.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
Who is CIDB Holdings Sdn Bhd?
  • CIDBH Holdings Sdn Bhd or better known as CIDBH is wholly own subsidiary of CIDB Malaysia. CIDBH initiated its operation way back in 1997 and been in the training industry for more than 25 years.
  • CIDBH training process also being awarded by IS0 9001:2015 in 2014 and been maintained well until to date. We assure you all course’s / training’s implementation is closely monitor and aimed the highest quality delivery.
What kind of training / courses that CIDBH organize?
  • CIDBH offers wide range of training to public. Our strength is to provide training around the construction chain. We also have multiple trainings that is mutual needed across the industries in Malaysia.
  • Our training is now categorizing as below:
    • Project Management
    • Facility Management
    • Finance & Management
    • Leadership
    • Construction Technical
    • Information & Technology
    • Oil & Gas
    • Safety, Health & Environment
    • Quality Assurance
What recognition that I will be received after I completed my course / training with CIDBH?

All qualified participants will receive recognition instrument from CIDBH which is Certificate of Attendance accompany with CCD points (awarded by CIDB Malaysia) and other CPD and CEP points (where written).

There are also courses with competency, the qualified participants will be accorded with Certificate of Achievement or Surat Kelulusan By CIDB Malaysia

CIDBH Certificate of Attendance is also acceptable as entry requirement into the exam in NIOSH for Site Safety Supervisor and Safety & Health Officer program.

Can I customize the training / courses for my company?

Yes. Click HERE to fill up some information for us to understand more of your needs. Our coordinator will be n touch with you within 24 hrs from your inquiry.

Do I have to register to view the courses / trainings available?
  • No, you do not have to register. Simple log on to www.cidbholdings.com.my and choose TRAINING tab to feel free to view the list.
  • However, we strongly encourage you to register into BLINK to have better access on the offers and information. Registration is free and as simple as ABC.
How do CIDBH create the course / training content?
  • These courses are based on current issues or in trend in the industries. We work closely with Certified Trainers as well renown Subject Matter Experts (SME) in developing the content of the training. in other words, the content has been carefully reviewed and road-tested.
If I register for a course, when will I get the confirmation about the course details?

Every course registration thru BLINK, the participants will receive auto notifications via email:

  1. Thank you for your registration.
  2. Thank you for your payment

For confirmation of the course/ training the secretariat will email you at least 3 days before the program via email only to those who have completed the payment.

After I paid for the course / training, can I cancel them?
  • Regret to inform that we do not receive any cancellation from the participants, but substitute of the participants is allowable. Please log on into BLINK and change the participant’s detail. The changes must be made at least 24 hours before the course / training begin.
I receive a course postponement notice from the secretariat. What should I do?

In the course postponement notice, there will be 2 (TWO) options that you can choose:

  1. Choose one other course that have same value in RM
  2. Request for refund
    • Both options need to be decided within 6 months after the date of postponement. If the participants fail to response to us the option, the paid fee will be forfeited.
    • Just follow the instruction in the email for both options.
I have attended the course and training. But I still do not receive the Certificate of Attendance. There are 3 (THREE) conditions for the participants to receive the recognition instrument, which are:
  1. Paid the course *
  2. 100% attendance
  3. Completed the Feedback form

*For participants that used approved Letter of Undertaking (LOU) to enter the course, you will receive the certificate once the payment is done

Where is CIDBH training facility?
  • CIDBH headquarters is in Level 22, World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Our main training facilities are in CIDB Convention Centre, Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur
  • We also partnered with various venue that suitable with the course / training concept.
  • For online training, we used Zoom Webinar account and the trainers will be broadcasting live from our studios.
My company contribute in HRD Corp fund, can I attend CIDBH course /training under SBL Khas? Yes, majority of our courses are recognised by HRD Corp. Please look out the notes at every course description whether the course is claimable of not.
  • CIDBH headquarters is in Level 22, World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Our main training facilities are in CIDB Convention Centre, Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur
  • We also partnered with various venue that suitable with the course / training concept.
  • For online training, we used Zoom Webinar account and the trainers will be broadcasting live from our studios.
My question is not listed here.

You may send your inquiry to blink@cidbh.com.my

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